Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happiness is...

A few things that are making me happy on this cold, rainy evening.

Purple flowers in old jars.

Bird stickers, for making magnets with.

Polka-dot and lilac tissue paper found at Urban Source.

Thank you so much for all the encouragement you have given me over this post. I was really honored to have some of you share you own experiences with me, and excited to see that there are others who are also passionate and outraged by the way Vancouver treats its most vulnerable. I am going to submit the post as either a letter to the editor (one of the larger newspapers) and also maybe as an article (smaller, probably more lefty newspaper). I also would like to continue to blog about what is going on in the DTES, and about other issues I think need to be spoken about. I love craft, design, baking and pretty things. I really do, and I will continue to write about that. However, I find that it is only one aspect of who I am. I completely respect the people who choose not to blog about things they perceive to be "negative", but I think if I did that I would feel like I was denying a whole part of my thinking and who I am. A blogger I really respect recently told me that blogging was her activism, I think that is so true.

So, you've been warned. Not only will you continue to find etsy treats, knitting/stitching/drawing wips (works in progress, come on), teacups and recounts of thrifting expeditions, but there may also be some posts on breastfeeding awareness and feminist rantings thrown in there too. For good measure, of course.


Amber Csar said...

What is a blog without feminist rantings and breastfeeding awareness....? PS, I'm planning a new blog, somewhere where I feel more 'free' to express issues and feelings. I don't like having to moderate my writing, it isn't good for anyone. :D


kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

lady; you rock my world. the end.

lyn tupaea said...

Can't wait for the next ones (: xxx mum

handmade romance said...

YAY to you! : )

I look forward to checking in to see what news awaits.