Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Help a sister out

A few of my talented friends have recently opened up shop on Etsy, they're all so great I wanted to share them with you! When we first started our store we were lucky enough to be featured on a few blogs, and that's something I really love about the online craft community - we're always quick to help each other out and spread the word. Go check them out!
My lovely friend Maya (who also sells the most adorable Amis de Montagne dolls here) has started selling beautiful vintage clothing at her shop, Dutch Drift. Maya has such fantastic style, this is so perfect for her! I already want pretty much everything she has listed, most especially that coat! She also has a lovely wee blog, here.

Awhile back Evie posted some photos of these insanely cute brooches over on her blog, and I really really hoped that I might soon be able to get my mitts on one. She is such a talented gal and her blog is always full of treats, that I knew her shop was going to be really good when she announced it, and it was even better than I could have thought. The beards! Little Indie Girl Brooches! Check out the packaging as well. talented I tell ya.
Lastly, I was really excited to hear that Amy from the fantastic design blog Handmade Evolution had too opened up shop! Another Vancouverite, I met Amy through Twitter (and will hopefully do so in person sometime soon!) and she always features such great stuff on her blog, both visually and thought provoking. I love 'Peace' print so much, I have such a think for origami! She has them all in a range of colours, now I just have to decide which one I love the best! You can find them here, at Field Trip on Etsy.
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