Saturday, January 9, 2010

Resolution Number Five: Create

I have this print hanging up over my sewing/crafting table in our studio, and I smile every time I read it. I like that it both encourages and challenges me at the same time, and when things get busy and we're busting out orders it is a good reminder of why we're really doing this in the first place.

It seems that most of my 2010 goals have fallen into a general theme of prioritizing and being mindful of my time, and this one is no exception. When I first started thinking that we could possibly start a business selling the things we make, the caution we often got from other crafters was to not end up thinking of the creating part as a chore. I think one of the best ways I can do that is to make time everyday (in theory, ha) to create in one way or another. Be it drawing, food, playing an instrument, etc. I do have a few specific things in mind I'd like to try though, so here is a wee list...

- Make (or alter from thrift finds) more of my own clothes*
- Learn to crochet (I've lost count of how many months that has sat in my 'to-do' list!)
- Attend life drawing classes at Blim with this lovely lady
- Bust out our screen and do some screenprinting.
- Lino cuts and block printing
- Knit a sweater or cardy, for myself
- Finish a quilt
- Potato stamp some fabric and make something with it
- Make soap
- Plant a herbal tea garden and make my own tea
- Plan out and make our balcony veggie garden, including places to sit and enjoy it

Elizabeth over at Birch and Sycamore also has a lovely crafty to-do list, that I found just after writing my own one and includes a making a beautiful bookcase and room shoes! Oh, I really would love some room shoes!

What about you? Is there a particular skill you'd like to learn, or do more of this year?

*This one both excites and terrifies me! Right now my biggest resource for learning how to do this is a couple books and Melissa from All Buttoned Up (who is an excellent resource for sewing tips and tricks), so if you have any more tips, books or the like for me, please let me know!

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