Friday, January 22, 2010

On letting go.

listen by courtneydawn (I highly recommend checking out her entire flickr stream, so good)

Awhile back I talked about my endeavour to become better at having balance in my life, with one of the key things being the ability to let go. This has become a bit of a theme for me lately, letting go of clutter, letting go other people's expectations of me, letting go of the excuses I make for myself that ultimately just hold me back. Definitely not perfect at this yet, but I'm working on it. It's tough you know, I think part of it comes down to being someone who loves big ideas (and small ones). I love the planning, the researching and the dreaming but I find myself often disappointed that I can't do every one of these things all at once, right now. Which is crazy, because I know if somehow I could magically do that I would actually hate the busy.

I had grand plans for this week, especially as it is Richard's last week of holidays. I'd planned out all sorts of errands and jobs to be done on Wednesday, a shop update and an amazingly clean house. I then spent almost the entire day at the dentist. Apparently I have to have a root canal, and some lovely and very thorough UBC students helped prepped my tooth for it. The dentist! I can't tell if I was more bummed about the pain, the money or the wasted day. After being a huge grump for the rest of the day I decided that you know, the shop update doesn't have to happen today. Yes, my house is a bit of a mess but my tooth no longer aches and I`m healthy. I'm behind on updating my 365, but really is that the most important thing? It's Richard's last week of holidays, surely walks in the park, movies on the couch and good conversation is the top priority here.

So this weekend I'm taking my time. There may or may not be a shop update on Monday. We've got beautiful sunny days forecasted for Vancouver, so we plan to picnic and go for walks. I'm going to take the time to really organise (or think about organising) our apartment so that it feels inspiring and calm to me. I'm going to finish my roll of film. I've been craving some kind of fruity scones, so I might just bake some.

What are your plans this weekend? I hope it's a good one.


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