Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolution Number Three: Read some.

I was such a bookworm as a kid, I read all.the.time. It is still one of my most favourite things to do, but I found that last year it was really difficult for me to find the time (or allow myself to make the time, perhaps?) to really get lost in books like I usually do. After seeing Julianna and Jeannette's posts, amongst others, about all the fantastic books they read this year, I was almost jealous of all fantastic things they'd read! Not jealous in the sense that they'd a greater number of books than me, but knowing what a great feeling it is to really get into a book and feeling jealous that I didn't get much of that last year.

I did read some great books though, The Wordy Shipmates and Play The Monster Blind being two of them, and my goal this year isn't so much to read x amount of books (ha, side note...last year I joined a 52 books in 52 weeks group. Yeah right! People were even reading things like War and Peace and Moby Dick!) but to make time for reading more than anything. Over on, Diana and a few other bloggers have started a Slow Readers Book Club that celebrates just that. Taking time to slow down and really enjoy the books we read, so great. I'm thinking I should probably sign up, partly because I just want to be in a book club so badly, haha. Fingers crossed I can find the book they're reading (which looks fantastic), but for now I've started The Mandarins which has long been on my list. Oh, how I love Simone de Beauvoir!

How 'bout you, reading anything good? Or is there something else that you love doing and are hoping to make more time for this year? I'd love to hear about it!


p.s. Are you on Good Reads? It's like a giant book club of sorts, and a place to track what you read, see what others are reading and get some inspiration for new reads. Come find me on there as Becka Brittain and we can swap book reviews and recommendations!

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