Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Resolution Number Seven: Explore

My (Our) seventh and final resolution! Thanks for coming along with me on this little resolution journey, I've really enjoyed all your comments and insights, and of course getting to know you all a little better.

Oh, how I love to explore. Waiting at the airport or train station is probably one of my all time favourite feelings, the anticipation of knowing I will soon be some place new. In saying that, I constantly seem to find myself flip flopping between wanting to settle down and buy a house right now, and planning our next trip abroad (I'm also well aware that part of my love for both these things is the planning itself. You'd think this would also mean I was organised. Sadly, this is not the case). I'm sure I give Richard whiplash at times with how quickly I'm onto the next thing, haha.

Like I mentioned in my previous resolution post, we're likely going to leave Vancouver for New Zealand at some point, and I would hate to leave Canada only having seen a small part of BC and only one other province. New Zealand is so far away, I really want to make the most of North American while I'm here! It is really easy to get caught up in all the fantastic places around the world to visit, but there is a wealth of places to get lost in this country, province and city, and I plan to take full advantage of them this year!

Some ideas we have brewing are...

- Ok, so this has moved past the idea stage. We're off to Salt Spring Is. this Thursday for Richard's birthday and a wee mini-break. I cannot wait! We're staying in a little beachside cottage with a fire place and everything.

- A holiday in the mountains in Spring with some of our besties (that always looks like beasties to me).

- After being inspired by Elizabeth's trip and incredible photos, we're hoping to spend a few weeks or so WWOOFing around Ontario and Quebec at the end of the summer-ish. I've wanted to WWOOF for awhile now, and venture out east to Toronto and Montreal, so perhaps we can do it all at once!

- Become a tourist in my own city. This is something I've often thought about, but never made time for. It's so easy to fall into familiar patterns of places to stroll and hang out (and part of me really loves that) but the idea of exploring Vancouver and going on little day-cations really appeals to me, especially after reading this post. What a lovely idea!

Any plans to explore, be it near or far, in the works for you all this year?

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