Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My House Party

First of all you should know that our house is looking pretty crazy right now. I've got some rather early spring cleaning bug that I blame on the New Year, and have given myself this week to clear out the apartment, scrub the kitchen, hang prints, and declutter the studio so that I actually feel like working in it (read: can walk across the carpet). In this newly cleaned and beautiful house I would like there to be many a plant. Which is why I must have one of these! Aren't they incredible? So very dreamy. You should definitely go and take a peek at My House Party's shop over here for even more loveliness. It has become one of those 'the moment I get my next pay cheque' type purchases, and really they're so reasonably priced, why not!

(H/t to Lili and Abby for bringing these to my attention)

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