Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blue Skies

Morning! As I'm sitting here eating breakfast this morning (and watching the seagulls go crazy over the city) I can see the tiniest patch of blue sky in the distance that I'm really hoping will make it's way out soon. While I don't mind the grey or even rain too much, having wet feet is probably one of my least favourite things in the entire world and I swear it only rains the days I don't wear my rain boots. One obvious fix would be buying new shoes so I have something other than the Urban Outfitter flats that are falling apart to wear. I'm thinking some Keds or these Vans or even/also some Toms would do the trick! Or all of the above. 

Eep! I must run or I'll be late for work! These blue skied photos are from one of the first rolls I've film I've taken in....3 or 4 years? If you'd like to check out the rest, head over here.  I'm pretty happy with them, especially as I had no idea how the camera (an old Petax Spotmatic) was going to work. Although I do kinda wish they'd printed all the photos, even the duds, so I can see what the camera (and I) am doing 'wrong' and also because I often just like those ones!

Hope you have a lovely day! If you're looking for a laugh, you should probably check out Drunk History. The Nikola Tesla and Oney Judge ones are my favourites. Beware of puking, though!
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