Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Education

Oh man, such a grey and rainy day in Vancouver today! Perfect for lying on the couch and feeling a little sorry for myself as I had a bit of an upset stomach, blech. Luckily for me I had taken out An Education Monday and this was really the perfect day to watch it. Have you seen it? I absolutely loved it! Not only was it beautifully filmed, with fantastic costumes, but it really captured that feeling you have as a teenager of desperately wanting to make the leap into adulthood and trying to figure out what the heck you're going to do with your life. But not just any adulthood, not the adulthood of bills and working 9-5 but the adulthood where things are exciting and colourful, and so far from the stuffy boring life you feel you're trapped in. I loved how intoxicating it all was, trips to Paris and colourful cigarettes, but at the same time there was always this feeling of something being not quite right. Carey Mulligan was just fantastic in it and I have a bit of a secret crush on Peter Sasgaard (despite him playing some creepy guys!) so I would highly recommend it!

Ok, I hate to admit but we're only just getting around to dinner now (yep, 10pm). It's just been one of those days! So I best be off as a steaming hot bowl of dahl is a-waiting.
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