Monday, April 26, 2010

Working Weekend

This was a weekend of getting stuff done so there isn't too much exciting stuff to share. Although, we did find time to pop into the Blim Market for a cupcake (ridiculously good) and a chat with some lovely ladies. The rest of it was spent taking stock, preparing for craft fairs and working on some custom bunting orders. Oh, and I also managed to squeeze in some time to soak in the tub with this book, to watch a funny, funny Steve Buscemi movie and was lucky enough to have vegan strawberry cake delivered to my door (the perks of having a good friend who is also a food blogger and upstairs neighbour) to eat with ice cream on Sunday evening.

Sadly a working weekend doesn't make for very exciting photos or stories, it does mean cleaning music. And cleaning music means lots of sing-a-longs and chair dancing. Who doesn't love that? Basically cleaning music has become the catch all name for the music you listen to when you need to get stuff done. Ever since I was 17 it has meant this album in heavy rotation. I've made you a mixtape of some of the tracks that show up fairly often in my cleaning mixes, perhaps it will help your Monday get off to a good chair dancing start!

Also, a few links to check out..

Sue's (aka Giant Dwarf) new Stashette Satchel is amazing, such a talented lady!

Speaking of bags, I plan on ordering one of these Baggu backpacks later this week. I just have to decide between nutmeg and duffel.

I hope to make these treats this week, I am quite the fan of the sweet and salty combo. Found via for me-for you
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