Friday, April 16, 2010

On the balcony

I mentioned last month that I was starting to plan out our balcony garden for the Spring/Summer and I must admit that we've yet to really get out there to get it started. I've done lots of scouring the internet for inspiration, though! That totally counts. Right? When I came across this photo by geninne d. zlatkis I realised that mostly I just want lots and lots of plants. I feel like if I just overwhelm the space with pots full of green, I'll get the cozy, secret garden feel I'm looking for. It is a really large area, which we're totally lucky to have, but it also means a huge space to fill! It's also a pretty exposed place, so along with some pretty daisy type bushes I'm leaning toward picking up a bunch of succulents that will hopefully best be able to withstand a lot of sunlight and being out in the open on what is essentially a giant concrete slab.

Staying with the secret garden feel, I plan on picking up some clematis and maybe honeysuckle this weekend to get going on our trellis that we've put up on either side to offer a little privacy. The weather has partly been an excuse for us not getting out in the 'garden' but with the beautiful forecast we've got this weekend I can put it off no longer! Although, you never can tell with Vancouver weather so we shall see. I'll report back on Monday!
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