Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Tiny Cities

When he's not busy making bookmarks, guitar picks or scouring the neighbourhood for wood veneer off cuts, Richard builds guitar effects pedals. I pretty much have no clue as to where you'd even start with this kind of work so it always amazes me that after hours of picking through resistors and lots of soldering there is a fantastic sounding pedal at the other end. At the moment he's working on a series of pedals that have a psychedelic inspiration and will be etching beautiful Art Nouveau artwork onto the pedal cases, each taken from a different psychedelic plant. I'll show you when he's done, I'm sure they're doing to be gorgeous. 

For now though, here's some of the many circuit boards that line his work space. I love how they look like tiny cities. 

What are you working on today? Perhaps you'd like to show us?
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