Sunday, April 18, 2010

A little help...

In August of last year I heard (via Anabela) about Emily Richmond who was planning to sail around the world. This completely blew my mind, 24,000 miles in 24 months, by boat! I will admit that as much as sailing seems really dreamy to me, the idea of being on a boat and not being able to see land terrifies me. So on one hand what Emily is doing scares the hell out of me, but on the other the idea of all the incredible things she is going to see and experience, the people she'll meet and not to mention completing such an amazing feat, excites me to no end!

Emily used Kickstarter to help her raise the money she needed to initially get her boat ready, get equipment, etc and be able to set sail in January, and it was amazing to see the huge amount of support she got. Kickstarter is a pretty amazing organisation, that's all about helping people fund all kinds of creative projects. Each project has incentives for the backers, so for certain pledge amounts the person will receive some kind of goody. For example, I'm eagerly awaiting the day when I receive a polaroid from Emily's trip as my reward for pledging money, and others are getting a coconut mailed to them or even a sailor hat!

The thing is, Emily is now in Mexico and is planning to leave soon for the South Pacific and needs to purchase a bunch of safety equipment to help get her there in one piece. She needs to raise $5000 by tonight and is so close to getting there! With Kickstarter, if you don't meet your goal then you don't actually get any of the money pledged so it's really important that people help her out. You can see all the details of this project here, as well as all the sweet rewards for backers, and you can pledge amounts starting at $1! I'm looking forward to receiving my Huck Finn inspired sticker pack, but even more so to continuing to watch Emily live her dream and sail around the world. Please consider helping a sister out, and also follow Emily's incredible journey on her blog over here.
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