Friday, April 16, 2010

Five Senses Friday

purple underbelly by afton lorraine

Fridays are a little funny around here. With Richard working the night shift (and now often with extended hours since we're trying to save, save, save for NZ) it means that he doesn't usually get up until around 12ish, we have lunch/dinner around 4 and then by the time I'm ready for bed in the evening it's the middle of his day and he's ready to do stuff. Which means we try and squeeze as much in those in between hours. It can get a little frustrating for us both I think, but daylight savings making it a little easier, as is taking the time out to reflect on my week like this. Also, the idea that just because it's The Weekend it doesn't mean I have to instantly start wanting to do a million activities. Why I have a brain that thinks like that is totally beyond me, it is almost never what my body wants to do!


Blue Sky Cola, I love it so.


The results from the first rolls of film I've had developed in a couple years.


Spring rain on hot asphalt, easily one of the best smells in the whole world.


More birds and a few bees as we've started leaving the windows open.


Excited to go check out some Record Store Day sales tomorrow!

Hope your weekends are all fantastic!
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