Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello Mama

Hello! Wow, the day really got a way on me (just eating dinner now, yes it's after 10pm) today so I'll just pop in really quickly as I'm pretty wrecked! 

How was all your weekends? Mine was really lovely! We stopped in at a local record store and then totally nerded out over poutine and beer by reading record sleeves and the DOXA (Documentary Film Festival) catalogue while we hid from the rain. Sunday was the day for a marathon brunch with my Sunday Adventure Club (these lovely ladies) that was full of delicious food and a crazy amount of good conversation. Basically, therapy with french toast. 

The rest of my weekend was taken up mostly by thinking about and working on the new website for my doula collective, Hello Mama. I'm so thrilled with the results, and pretty darn proud of myself for doing it all on my own (there was a meltdown or two, I must admit)! I find it so easy to let myself get busy with other stuff, just life in general, working on orders, etc, but then when I take the time to focus on my other love, doula work, it strikes me how powerful my passion for it is. Today I wrote out the mission statement for our collective, and then this evening I went to a doula speed dating event and had the (albeit hurried) chance to chat to parents to be about how I can support them in their journey and help to achieve the best birth experience possible. What an honour! I plan on writing more about this over on the new site for those of you interested in the birthy side of things. 

Ok, time for me to head to bed. I hope you're all well! Oh! If you head over here you'll find yourselves a giveaway of our bookmarks and a discount code for Bliss in a Teacup! 
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