Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lost At Sea

My mind was pretty much blown when I saw these embroidered pieces by Nicole of astulabee. The colours and textures are fantastic, and the detailing in the stitching on the seals is so beautiful. I would love to have one (ok, all) of these pieces on my wall, both to look at and perhaps touch the silky looking pieces of fabric. I've had a bunch of embroidery ideas running around in my head to get to after we're finished with orders and craft fairs, and this has only fueled that even more. I would love to be able to create such incredible pieces of art with needle and thread!

If you haven't already seen the sculptures that Nicole makes you really should go take a look here because they're pretty incredible. I really love the way she uses the texture of the fabric to give that little bit of depth to her animals. She also has a shop, just in case you'd like to take one home with you. 

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